The American Wrestling federation was started by Ric "The Equalizer" Drasin in 1985

Ric Drasin started training clients in the mid-60's when he ran a chain of health clubs. He also taught classes in fitness, bodybuilding and diet at the YMCA. In 1970, Ric worked out at GOLD'S GYM in Venice where he trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger, becoming Arnold's training partner for the next four years. The two also trained with Joe Weider, discussing new routines and diets and using every method possible to get their results. Ric later trained with Lou Ferrigno as Ric joined "The Incredible Hulk" series as the 'Demi Hulk' -- the middle transformation on the show. In addition, Ric has a background in Pro Wrestling as the WWF's EQUALIZER, and was Heavyweight Champion for many federations, among AWA, NWA, WWWF, CCW and Southern States as well as Oregon, Alaska and AWF. He has trained many students for Pro Wrestling and given them their start in the business.


It all came about in 1975 when Ric started West Coast Wrestling Promotions  out of a small office
in Santa Monica.  He rounded up many of the local wrestlers to use on some shows in Bakersfield and 
Ventura.  During that time the California Athletic Commission had jurisdiction on all wrestling events
and was basically in the back pocket of the local NWA which was a big organization.  Because of that
they were told to discourage any other federation from starting up through any means possible.  That meant that
they would give Ric and abundance of paper work the week before the show and deadlines to get it in
which were impossible in order to run the show.  Then to make it worse the NWA called the local newspapers
and TV station posing as Ric and would cancell the ads or change the dates.  It was a constant up hill 
battle to try to run an honest promotion.  Eventually Ric stopped running the shows after two tapings on NBC
in Centeral CA and waited for a time that the Athletic Commission no longer had jurisdiction.  This came about
when Vince McMahan took over and declared wrestling as entertainment.  No longer need was the Athletic 

In 1985  Ric then reorganized and started the AWF, running shows in Los Angeles and Bakersfield Strongbow
Stadium.  The Athletic Commission showed up in Bakersfield during the show and wanted  a read out of the gate.
They told Ric now they were collecting Entertainment Tax.  Ric told them in so many words to 'F Off' , hit the
road and don't look back before he smacked them upside the head.  They left and a month later sent him a  
bill for $75 which in turn he stamped with a Bullshit Stamp and sent it back.  They were no longer heard from.

The AWF continued to run successful shows in the late 90's until 2001 when Ric suffered an accident of ruptured
quads in both legs.  This took a full year of recovery and no shows could be run without him.
A year or two later he started up doing consultation work and advising young kids to keep his hand in the business and now at 67,
 Ric spends most of his time writing his blog hosting articles on fitness, diet and wrestling advice along with Ric's Corner Video show.



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