The Real Truth About What Works & What Doesn't

I may be opening a can of worms, but I must be honest. I have tried almost every steroid out there starting in the early 60's through the early 90's. Yes, they can be dangerous, but remember, back in the 60's they weren't illegal and you could get them from most doctors.

I was about 19 and wanted to increase my lifts and put on more muscle. I remember I started with Dianabol. In those days, that was about the only thing available. It was a little blue pill that cost $7.00 for 100. I took 1 a day and upped it to maybe 2, and it took exactly 2 1/2 weeks before I noticed anything at all and then all of a sudden, I exploded overnight. My pump was tremendous and my strength skyrocketed. I felt pumped all day long every day. When I went off the roids, I noticed a decrease in weight of about 4 lbs. Mostly water. I felt great, strong, alive and thick. I also tried Winstrol which is a little bit more anabolic. This worked well also, but more on the cutting side. I got hard and I noticed my skin was like silk. Probably the best skin texture that I ever had. I used these two anabolics off and on for quite a few years as they were readily available. Through the years other anabolics came on to the scene - more sophisticated drugs from Europe. I tried most of them. Got most of them from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Primobolan from Germany was the best. I got even bigger and stronger, especially when combined with Dianabol. I had physicals all the time and never had side effects. True, they can do damage if abused, but I believe the key is moderation - with anything! Supplements back then in the 60's and 70's were limited to protein (milk and egg), soy and liver tablets. That was about it. The protein caused constipation and the liver tablets gave you so much gas that it was embarrassing to go out on a date! But supplements have come a long way. I found a great protein through Matrix Mass Systems and this isn't a plug. The stuff is good and it works. It really helps my muscles grow

. Here's the supplement program I follow:

PROTEIN: 3 times a day.

CREATINE: Before and after a workout. This really gives me the extra energy and stamina to train, and it helps with recuperation. It has increased my muscle mass and cut body fat. I love it and will stay on it forever.

VANADYL SULFATE: I take this with every meal to push glycogen through the muscle. This also hardens me up and cuts fat. It's definitely a must.

ANDROSTENE or DHEA: Pretty similar, but I think the Androstene is better. This increases testosterone in the body naturally and feels like a steroid.

STACKERS 2: Speeds up my metabolic rate and lets me jam through a workout and not get tired. Burns a lot of body fat. As I said, I got these from Matrix. They have the best quality supplement that I have found on the market. No B.S. They work and the price is right. You can ask my wife - I'm cheap when it comes to spending money and I feel these are worth it. So what's better steroids or supplements? Well, I think steroids work better. But they are illegal. You can't get them and if you do, who's to say that they are real? They are also extremely expensive. So try what I have done with the supplements above. They are the next best thing and will give you amazing results. Train hard (but don't overtrain) and eat right and you will definitely see results.